Godless US vs UK #1: Saint’s Blood

My debut novella Saint’s Blood inspired the first Godless US vs UK challenge. Drew Stepek challenged Nat Whiston to [REDACTED SO YOU’LL WATCHED THE VIDEO] and I haven’t stopped laughing.


GODLESS US vs UK EPISODE 1. A new series where @natwhistonauthor and I lob dares across the pond based on the titles of new books on Godless and stitch them together. Nat. you have 24 hours to complete this mission.

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Stuart Gordon: Interviews, A Singularly Subversive Spirit [Book Review]

Stuart Gordon is best remembered for his 1985 debut film, Re-Animator. With buckets of blood and a decapitated head giving head (a visual pun Gordon’s high school buddy and frequent writer Dennis Paoli was so excited to write that he phoned Gordon in the middle of the night), the film launched Gordon’s movie career. Before that Gordon worked in his college’s theater, where he and his future wife were arrested on obscenities charges for a production of Peter Pan where dancing naked coeds were used as a canvas for a lightshow. He dropped out of school after that to form his own theater company in Chicago before taking a leave of absence to direct Re-Animator. That leave stretched for much of the rest of his career as he directed twelve more feature films.

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For Number One Fans: 5 Books to Cure Your Misery

It’s been 35 years since Misery’s Annie Wilkes found Paul Sheldon’s wrecked car in snowy Sidewinder, Colorado. Fans of the book—or the classic 1990 film adaptation, or the play starring Laurie Metcalf and Bruce Willis—know what happens next. Annie is Paul’s number one fan, and she wants his recently ended Misery Chastain romance series back and she’s willing to do anything to get that sequel.

In the cold light of 2022, Misery comes off as prescient, tackling the toxic fandom years before social media stoked those flames. It showcases King’s incredible ability to find compelling ways to portray characters stuck in a room.

But he’s not the only author to tread these grounds. Once you’ve read Misery, these other 5 books will handcuff you to a bed and keep you reading.

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Saint’s Blood Is Live

It’s been 13 years in the making, and it’s finally happening. My debut novella, Saint’s Blood, is now available for purchase! I couldn’t be more excited. You can buy it here!

Saint’s Blood tells the story of Richie, a college professor who’s kidnapped while drinking away the end of the semester stress. He’s having his blood harvested by a deranged family wearing masks of Republican presidents.

Published by St. Rooster Books, Owen King describes this horror novella as, “dark and unrelenting.”

Christina Pfeifer of Mothers of Mayhem wrote, “this is Ryan’s debut. DE-FUCKING-BUT! It reads more like a seasoned author with decades under his belt… DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS ONE! I’m telling you. OFFICIALLY ON MY 2022 TOP TEN LIST!”

Don’t miss out! Get your copy today!