A Humble Star Wars Fan Theory

There have been a lot of theories about who Rey’s parents are floatin around after Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out on December 18th. I’ve heard that she’s the daughter of Luke Skywalker or the granddaughter of Obi Wan Kenobi, and some have even said that maybe she’s Kylo Ren’s daughter. Okay, that lost one was my just immediate reaction after my first viewing of The Force Awakens because she seems to be saying goodbye to him as a girl in her force vision. I’ve given up on that one, but I have a humble theory of what’s actually going on.

I believe that Star Wars fans have fallen victim to some hidden ball trick style misdirection. Everyone is thinking about Rey’s parentage because it’s been intentionally left unknown and she fulfilled Luke Skywalker’s role from A New Hope. If the new trilogy follows the original trilogy’s blueprint as The Force Awakens seems to have followed A New Hope’s, then logically the creators will reveal Rey’s parents in the next film. But I think that’s an intentional move by J.J. Abrams et. al. to keep fans off the scent, which is something they’ve already done once.

One of the first things Abrams et. al let fans know about The Force Awakens was that they’d brought back the original cast to play Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, C3P0, and R2-D2. Then thy released trailers and promo materials that left off Luke. Nearly a year before The Force Awakens finally opened, they had fans throwing out all kinds of wild theories about where Luke was and what he was doing. Why wasn’t the main character in the trailers? Turns out it was nothing, and Luke only appeared on screen for like twelve seconds. And I think they’re employing the same kind of misdirection to have us thinking about Rey’s parentage, diverting us from thinking about the other key new character: Finn.

All we know about Finn’s ancestry is that he was kidnapped in infancy. He’s never met his family. Could he be a grandchild of Mace Windu? A son of Lando Calrissian (who is rumored to return in future Star Wars installments)?

This is where the “humble” comes in though. I’m not convinced Finn is a descendant of Lando or Mace. I just think we’re being directed away from his ancestry to Rey’s because his will turn out to be the important one.

As for Rey, I think her big reveal will be who she’s been waiting for and it will be someone who’s not related to her. She’s got years of tally marks, counting the days who or whatever she is waiting for has been away, so it ought to be good as well.


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