A Day in an MFA Writing Program

The debate about whether or not an MFA in writing is a useful degree has raged for at least the past decade. One side insists that the degree is important; it opens new neural pathways, and cultivates a lifelong love of writing and reading in students, whether they become professional writers or not. The other side argues that the degree is a money making tool for universities that doesn’t teach the students anything they couldn’t learn by reading and writing on their own…

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10 Movies that Couldn’t Have Happened without Friday the 13th at Dread Central

Some movies make an indelible mark on cinema. Friday the 13th was one such movie, despite John Carpenter’s recent critical remarks, saying the film didn’t “rise above its cheapness.” To prove the venerable Mr. Carpenter wrong, here are ten films that couldn’t have happened without Friday the 13th.

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