“Material World” Micro Horror

You feel it closing in all around you. It’s down the hallway with the slanted floorboards with their warped bulbs of hardwood. You can feel it as you jiggle the handle of the doors to your daughter’s room and it jiggles in your hand like a loose tooth. There it is, all around her…

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The Bloody Scenes Are the Most Fun

WH: You also eat something pretty disgusting. What did that taste like?

MM: Oh my God. This was really funny. Lauand came to me and was like, “Don’t lick the blood, don’t lick the brains because it’s real brain.”

You can find more of my interview with actress and singer Melissa Mars here.

New Publications at Wicked Horror, Dread Central, and Strangelet Roundup

Hi! I’ve been off being bad at self-promotion and doing an okay job of publishing stuff. Since I last posted I’ve published:

10 of the Scariest Movies About the Devil; You Won’t Believe Our #1 Pick!” which got a lot of people rull mad over at Dread Central.

And at Wicked Horror:

Scaring the Hell Into Me: My History with Anxiety and Horror Films.” Definitely the most legit thing on this list.

Review: The Neon Demon is Beautiful but Not Smart.” An angry review.

Advance Review: Observance is a Promising Work from a Promising Director.” Continuing to learn how to write reviews.

Stranger Things Prediction: Barb is Coming Back Next Season.” This is also among the stronger work I’ve done lately. I shouldn’t have to say it, but if you haven’t watched Stranger Things season 1 yet, this is filled with spoilers.

Advance Review: Curse of Mesopotamia is Original, but Bogged Down by It’s Political Message.” More reviews! This one is cool because it’s the first English-language horror movie shot in the Middle East. I’m going to have a review with the actress coming out (also on Wicked Horror) soon!

Strangelet has also accepted my flash fiction, “Anytime” for a future issue. I’ll post more about that when I know more, but I’m very excited. It’s a great magazine, that you could support over at Patreon.