New Publications at Wicked Horror, Dread Central, and Strangelet Roundup

Hi! I’ve been off being bad at self-promotion and doing an okay job of publishing stuff. Since I last posted I’ve published:

10 of the Scariest Movies About the Devil; You Won’t Believe Our #1 Pick!” which got a lot of people rull mad over at Dread Central.

And at Wicked Horror:

Scaring the Hell Into Me: My History with Anxiety and Horror Films.” Definitely the most legit thing on this list.

Review: The Neon Demon is Beautiful but Not Smart.” An angry review.

Advance Review: Observance is a Promising Work from a Promising Director.” Continuing to learn how to write reviews.

Stranger Things Prediction: Barb is Coming Back Next Season.” This is also among the stronger work I’ve done lately. I shouldn’t have to say it, but if you haven’t watched Stranger Things season 1 yet, this is filled with spoilers.

Advance Review: Curse of Mesopotamia is Original, but Bogged Down by It’s Political Message.” More reviews! This one is cool because it’s the first English-language horror movie shot in the Middle East. I’m going to have a review with the actress coming out (also on Wicked Horror) soon!

Strangelet has also accepted my flash fiction, “Anytime” for a future issue. I’ll post more about that when I know more, but I’m very excited. It’s a great magazine, that you could support over at Patreon.



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