Interview with The Conjuring Scribes up at Wicked Horror

Twin brothers Chad and Carey W. Hayes burst onto the horror scene in 2005, penning House of Wax. Since then, they’ve written The ReapingWhiteout, and the first two installments of one of the most successful horror franchises of the last decade, The Conjuring.

Their latest, The Crucifixion, follows Nicole Rawlins (Sophie Cookson) as she investigates an exorcism in Romania that killed the woman it intended to save. As Rawlins aims to prove that the priest has committed murder, something sets its sights on her. Based on real events, The Crucifixion is available on Amazon and iTunes now and headed for DVD and Blu-ray December 5th.

We caught up with the Chad and Carey to talk about it.

Wicked Horror: The Crucifixion has a lot of great moments—both beautiful and horrifying—in Romania. How much of that was scripted and how much was spotting a great location and then shooting it?

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