First Love is Snatch with Sword Fights [Blu-Ray Review]

Early on in First Love, the main character, Leo (Masataka Kubota), is in a boxing match. When he punches his opponent in the face, there’s a quick cut to a decapitated head bouncing out of an alley. The edit and the timing are done in a way that implies that the force of punch literally knocked the head off of Leo’s opponent. Like the film, that cut was amazing.

The decapitation introduces the main conflict of First Love. As detective Fu (Nao Ōmori) puts it, “The smell of war is in the air.” A Chinese gang has moved onto the territory of a Japanese one. A low-level Japanese gangster, Kase (Shôta Sometani), and Fu Fihave a plan to steal a big ole’ bag of meth. After, they’ll frame Monica (Sakurako Konishi), a young woman whose father sold into sex work to pay off his debts. Fu will sell the drugs. Kase will get into a fight with a civilian and spend two or three years in jail. When he comes out, the war will be over. Fu will give him his half and Kase will be a rich man.

What could go wrong?

Find out at Wicked Horror!

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