Blackout Best Seller List Day 1

There’s a movement to buy two books by Black writers this week (6/14-6/20), so I’ll be posting recommendations of authors/books everyday.
There were three spectacular Black professors at Emerson while I was there, and I highly recommend reading their work.
Jabari Asim is the head of the MFA program. While I didn’t get to take his workshop, he was a great judge for the Words Apart writing contest. You can see his books here:
Kim McLarin taught my last workshop, and it was one of the better ones I was in. Her essay collection Womanish is as insightful as her feedback. You can see that, and her other books here:
Jerald Walker taught the only non-fiction workshop I took, and it was my favorite because he pushed hard to be better writers and better people. He made us take our writing seriously. I’m so grateful to him. He doesn’t have a website, but see his work here:
Tomorrow: Poetry.