Voodoo Apocalypse Leans into Grindhouse Instead of Trying to Subvert it [Review]

Buddy cop comedies have always been awesome. Two mismatched cops—one gruff and cynical; the other just graduated the academy at the top of their class, full of optimism—go to war against a gangster who has inevitably killed the older cop’s old partner the day before their retirement. The two cops quip at each other throughout the film, but eventually they begin to admire one another. Between the gunfights and explosions, it’s the story of a male friendship developing. The genre ruled the action scene in the 90s, before it got a little stale. But don’t worry, writers José J. Ramallo, Sergio G. Ramos, and Vasni Ramos threw in a few extra elements to spice up the script of Voodoo Apocalypse — Luchadors giving birth in wrestling rings, Kung Fu training montages, and zombie-turning guitar solos. 

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