Ryan Bradley’s Top 10 Horror Movies 2020

No one is out here arguing that 2020 was a good year in most respects. But horror films (and novels) have been popping all year. We’re in a boom with horror auteurs stacking great movies one after the other. The boom arguably started in 2014-2015, when Ana Lily Amirpour’s A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows, Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook, and Robert Egger’s The Witch were released in a little over a one year period. 

This boom, unlike previous periods of horror, has given more opportunities to women, people of color, and LGBQT people. Diversity in front of and behind the camera in horror has led to a better genre, which was demonstrated clearly by the excellent offerings of 2020

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My Best Articles of 2020

I came pretty close to writing 100 articles this year (and I might still get there, with a little more than a week left). It was a bad year for me, emotionally. Given the cognitive dissonance between the 318,000 Americans who’ve died from COVID-19 and the complete absence of public mourning, I imagine that I’m not the only one. 

But I’m proud of the writing I did. Here are my favorites, in chronological order.   

Is Dead Ringers Based on a True Story” via Wicked Horror

The Night is Ruined in the Last 15 Minutes” via Wicked Horror

VFW Director Joe Begos “Wants You to Have Feelings When You’re Looking at an Image” [Interview]” via Wicked Horror. This one got translated into German for a fancy Blu-ray edition as well, which still feels surreal. 

Favorite nonfiction sentence of the year, from my review of Little Joe: “Bello—from a long line of movie dogs that is content to simply wait on a mat outside the lab for hours a day while my non-movie dog humped her bed, chewed a bone, napped, stole a tuna can from the recycling, then napped again during the less than two hour runtime of the movie—breathes in the pollen.” 

Review of American Midnight: Tales of the Dark” via Cyn’s Workshop

Runner-up for my favorite nonfiction sentence of the year, from my review of Ghostlove: “This shadows-are-sunny outlook allows Mahoney to draw a quirky supporting cast from the iconography of horror.”

Tigers Are Not Afraid Returns Fairy Tales to Their Gory Glory” via Wicked Horror

Feedback for My Comp 1 Student Who Pretended Not to Know Me While On A Date At The Second Best BBQ Joint in Tulsa, Oklahoma” via The Daily Drunk. I had another piece, co-written with my friend Dana Eckstein-Berkowitz, on The Daily Drunk but it’s currently unavailable as The Daily Drunk transfer to a new website. 

Skull: The Mask is Nasty, B-Movie Fun” via Wicked Horror

A Roundtable Discussion with the Director and Cast of ‘The Bizarrely Beautiful’ Relic” via Wicked Horror

La Llorona Frightens and Enlightens” via Wicked Horror.

Train to Busan Presnets: Peninsula is Fun as Hell” via Wicked Horror

Lovecraft Country‘s Tulsa Massacre Is an Amazing Recreation of a Horrific Event” via Comic Book Resources

A Classic X-Men Has an Uncanny Odor” via Comic Book Resources

Marvel’s Helstrom Takes Aim at The Exorcist – and Horror’s Most Enduring Tropes” via Comic Book Resources

AEW’s Adam Page is One of TV’s Best Representations of Mental Illness” via Council of Zoom

Cold Light of Day Will Chill You” via Wicked Horror

Possessor Uncut is a Must See” via Wicked Horror

Along with the articles, I also edited the anthology When the Sirens Have Faded for A Murder of Storytellers. The physical printing has been delayed indefinitely because of COVID19, but the digital copy is still available! 

Wicked Horror Gift Guide 2020

There’s a week to go til Christmas, and if you’re anything like the writers at Wicked Horror, that means that you haven’t started shopping yet. It’s not too late! There are plenty of great options for your horror-loving friends and family that might arrive by the holiday. You can also print a picture of any of these, put that sucker in a wrapped box, and put the estimated date of arrival on it. Heck, you could do that without ordering a gift and we wouldn’t tell on you. 

And hey, if you’re reading this site, chances are you’re a horror fan and you could buy any of these gifs for yourself! Again, we’re not narcs. We wouldn’t tell on you if you decided to buy some of this cool s*** for yourself.

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The Curse of Hobbes House is Almost There [Review]

In her first scene in The Curse of Hobbes House, Jane Dormant (Mhairi Calvey) is at rock bottom. She wakes up in her car, a four-door Sedan she lives in, to the sound of her phone ringing. Her boss is calling from the bar where she works, telling her not to bother coming back in. They’ll mail her check. She gets another phone call from a lawyer. Unfortunately, her Aunt has died. Would she be able to make it to the reading of the will at the titular Hobbes House? Jane has no option but to say yes. 

Jane is one of the film’s bright spots. The character is well-scripted by Wolf-Peter Arand from a story by director Juliane Block to get empathy from viewers. She has immediate wants, and Calvey does a good job carrying Jane’s weariness with her throughout the film. The performer might not hit all of the high notes as the film becomes more emotional later on, but she makes the character feel real early on.  

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