I’ve been lucky enough to publish in a few different genres and places.


When the Sirens Have Faded. Edited by Ryan C. Bradley. A Murder of Storytellers.


A blurb in Sou’wester. (Blurb).

Rumpelstiltskin in Winning Writers. (Poetry).

Troublers by Rob Walsh (A Review) in Sundog Literature.(Book Review).

Picking Out the Words in Biostories. (Essay).

The Rumpus Interview with Owen King in The Rumpus. (Interview).

Ten Real Life Confessions in Pinball. (Fiction).

Blind at the Movies in Words Apart Magazine. (Essay).

Review of Liliane’s Balcony in Redivider Magazine. (Book Review).

A Brief Interview with Roxane Gay in Words Apart Magazine. (Interview).

A Human Answers: A Review Essay of Benjamin S. Grossberg’s the Space Traveler in Redivider Magazine Blog. (Review Essay).

Pink Cowgirl Boots in apt. (Fiction).

Story of That Song: I Want to Hold Your Hand in Punchnel’s. (Essay).

Blatty versus Levin: The Story of Two Horror Greats Who Couldn’t Stand Each Other in Diabolique Magazine. (Essay).

Day in an MFA Writing Program in Write Naked Blog. (Essay).

Material World in Slattery’s Art of Horror. (Fiction).

Two articles in Dread Central. (Essay).

In Front of a Live Studio Audience in Tethered by Letters. (Fiction).

Birds of Prey in Entropy. (Fiction).

Any Time in The Literary Hatchet #20. (Fiction).

21 Pieces OF Marriage Advice Given in the First Year of Marriage in The Daily Drunk (with Dana Eckstein Berkowitz). (Fiction).

Feedback for My Comp 1 Student Who Pretended Not to Know Me While On A Date At The Second Best BBQ Joint in Tulsa, Oklahoma in The Daily Drunk. (Fiction).


A Conversation with Steve Almond and William Giraldi in The Missouri Review. Spring 2013. (Interview).

Haikus from Supervillians to People They Love and Our Love in Drawn to Marvel: Poems from the Comics. (Poetry). The collection is reviewed at Unshelved, where they quote from Haikus from Supervillians to People They Love, “Why kids? / It’s criminal negligence / Not me that kills them.”

Catholic Guilt in Gothic Blue Book V: The Cursed Edition. (Fiction).

Thank You, Daniel and At the WWE Christmas Party in Working Stiff: The Anthology of Professional Wrestling Literature and Art. (Poetry).

Jake’s Duty in Dark Moon Digest #28. (Fiction).

Making the Reader Squirm: Sound in Peter Straub’s Ghost Story in Corvidae Courier. (Nonfiction).

Safe at Home in Sorry We’re Closed. (Fiction).

Action Figure Fury

I wrote for Action Figure Fury from August 2014 until January 2016. I wrote a weekly monthly column, “A Call to Action (Figures)” and reviews sporadically. You can find that work here.

The Culture-ist

I wrote five articles for The Culture-ist between January 2016 and March 2016. You can find those pieces here.

Wicked Horror

I publish reviews and articles sporadically at Wicked Horror. You can find that work here 

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