The Hellboy Reboot Exudes Energy [Blu-ray Review]

In the first scene in Hellboy featuring the eponymous character, he fights a vampire luchador in a wrestling ring. If that sounds like your s***, than you’re going to love the newest iteration of Hellboy. He punches giants, Baba Yaga, zombies, and crusty old British dudes too as he struggles to stop Nimue the Blood Queen’s (Milla Jovovich) apocalypse. Hellboy is punk rock movie: there’s not a lot of technical mastery but the film exudes energy.

Before Hellboy (David Harbour) steps in the ring, director Neil Marshall (who you should know from The Descentand Dog Soldiers) shows us Nimue’s lowest moment. In a black and white sequence, she’s cut apart by King Arthur, but unable to die. To prevent her uprising, Arthur sent his knights to carry her pieces to the furthest reaches of England. Once back together, she starts a campaign to bring “the forgotten people out of the dark.” It sounds quite heroic, although the film frames her as a villain. Hellboy, who is framed as a hero, needs to stop her.

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